Uber to ban female drivers after $3.5 billion investment from Saudi fund

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Car-hire service Uber has agreed to remove female drivers from its roster after accepting $3.5bn of inward investment from a Saudi Arabian wealth fund.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is investing the money to help expand the business in the Middle-East and around the world.

A spokesperson for the Saudi fund told us, “We think Uber is a great business, and a solid investment, barring a couple of minor flaws – one of which is the fact they let women do the driving.  That is a complete no-no for us I’m afraid. Have you ever seen them park?

“We also want to introduce public floggings for any driver whose rating falls below four stars, which we find is an excellent deterrent to bad behaviour.

“Below three-stars is a beheading, but we really don’t expect to have to go down that route.”

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Uber spokesperson Simon Williams said he was excited about the investment.

“Sure, it comes with a few conditions, but on the plus side – Three. Billion. Dollars.”