Toby Young having friends is a ‘myth’ admit Stag Do attendees

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The claim that Toby Young has ‘friends’ is nothing more than a myth, according to those people who were invited to his Stag Do.

After Young himself revealed that six of the ten he invited failed to turn up, experts claimed that the belief he had any friends at all was nothing more than an elaborate myth perpetuated by Young himself.

As one stag do invitee explained, “He’s made it sound like he invited ten of his closest friends, right?

“Well, I deliver milk on his street. We’ve had, like, maybe five conversations the entire time he’s lived there, but he still invited me.

“I got the sense he was quite desperate after he told the woman who agreed to marry him that he was actually quite a popular bloke with ‘loads’ of friends.”

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Another who failed to turn up to the stag weekend told us, “I used to work for Toby, and he made my life hell, as you can probably imagine.

“So when he invited me on his Stag do of course I said yes, but once I had been promoted past the point where I had to kiss Toby’s arse, I no longer had any interest whatsoever in being in his company.

“I don’t see why this is so surprising to people?”

Young himself claimed that people didn’t turn up to his Stag weekend because to the concept of ‘friendship’ is now obsolete in modern society.

However his best man explained, “Nah, he’s just a bit of a shit.”