The clue is in the title, say ecstasy users

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Ecstasy users have cited the name of the drug as a clue to why it has increased in popularity.

The European Drug Report 2016 found that over 2.1 million people aged between 15 to 34 had used ecstasy in the past year – some 300,000 more than predicted – with the surge blamed on aggressive marketing, such as using popular brand logos on ecstasy pills.

However, this theory has been disputed by the drug-taking community. Professor Ben Webb from the British Ecstasy And Narcotics Society (BEANS) reacted to the findings by pointing out that the drug is named after a state of bliss.

“If you want to know why people are taking ecstasy, you need only look at its catchy title.” Said Webb.

“It’s named after the height of human pleasure because it feels really, really nice.

“When you’re in a pitch black club trying to get high, nobody really cares if the pill has a courier service’s logo on it, as long as it gives you the advertised sensation.

“I would suggest the fact that it is the catalyst to the best nights of your life could perhaps be a bigger factor than branding.”

The government was quick to reiterate its stance on the drug in the wake of the report, stating that although there is vast scientific research to the contrary, the drug is highly dangerous.

“We estimate that around half of users die instantly from taking the drug,” a press release read.

“We recommend members of the public stick to 100% safe alcoholic alternatives, such as great value counterfeit spirits or high strength lager.”