North Korea to continue policy of stockpiling military missiles under the sea.

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Rogue state North Korea has added another missile to the burgeoning stockpile of missiles under the sea.

“That was completely deliberate,” said a spokesperson for Pyongyang, after what appeared to be a ballistic missile test ending in failure with the missile heading straight down into the sea.

“It is the policy of the glorious nation of North Korea to keep all military missiles under the sea and just because a load of old rubbish American missiles would rust, doesn’t mean that the excellent North Korean missiles will rust because North Korean missiles are excellent and American missiles are a load of old rubbish.

“And yes, we definitely meant to do that.”

The spokesperson claimed that the under-the-sea stockpile plan was personally instigated by leader Kim Jong-Un after watching Disney Film, the Little Mermaid.

“Dear Leader himself had the genius idea after he watched glorious North Korean-made film Little Mermaid in which the North Korean crab of the people sings that life will be better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea.”

The spokesperson denied that the policy of stockpiling weapons under the sea would last only until they develop technology to launch them into the air.

“We could launch them into the air if we wanted to, we could,” he said, growing increasingly agitated.

“We just don’t want to.”