‘Humane treatment of migrants’ could alienate core UKIP support, warn Brexiters

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A pledge that leaving the EU would allow more humane treatment of migrants could lose the Leave campaign vital votes, according to a survey this morning.

Vote Leave said a new system of immigration based on points would allow us to behave in a more human manner towards migrants seeking to come to the UK, whilst simultaneously slamming the door in their faces.

Political commentator Shaun Logan told us, “In going for the undecideds with a pledge that a new post-Brexit immigration system would see us behave more humanely to migrants, they have inadvertently alienated those voters who genuinely want to see all immigrants thrown into the sea.”

“It was a bit of a calculated gamble to win a few of the undecided voters, of which there are millions, but I fear it has cost them much of their core support amongst the ‘serious bigot’ demographic.”

UKIP supporter Simon Williams told, “Oh you want to give these migrants humane treatment do you? Oh, and who’s going to be bloody well paying for that then, eh?”

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“You bloody lefty libtards and your do-gooder attitude to helping your fellow man, but you want to do it with money from my bloody pocket don’t you.”

We then showed Williams the Vote Leave pledge to introduce a system that will be more humane to migrants.

He continued, after a few moments of reflective silence, “Oh. This was Vote Leave that wants to do this? Are you sure?

“You’re absolutely positive they no longer want to shoo them off the beaches in rubber dinghies?

“Christ. I feel sick. The libtard mind rays have reached UKIP HQ – God help us all!”

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