British Olympic Association calls for Cheese Rolling to be added to Rio Games

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The British Olympic Association is lobbying hard to see Cheese Rolling added to the Olympic calendar.

After another success for English participant Chris Anderson, the BOA is under increasing pressure to see the event added in time for Rio.

BOA spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “Cheese Rolling is one of those events the UK is always destined to be good at, in that no-one else gets it, and to outsiders it looks like we’re completely mad.

“Chasing a block of cheese two-hundred yards down a 1:2 gradient hill is an excellent test of skill, agility and physical fitness. It’s what the Olympics is all about.

“Also, I doubt anyone else would even enter a competitor, so it would be an easy gold – and it would count the same in the medal table as the Men’s 100m, which is nice.”

However, the International Olympic Committee looks set to reject the proposal.

A spokesperson told us, “Look, it’s not like you’d win anyway.

“It’s essentially a competition chasing food that’s high in fat – what on earth gives you the impression this would be anything other than a win for the Americans?”