Remain campaigner calls on Brexit ‘twats’ to refrain from personal attacks

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Leading ‘Stronger in Europe’ campaigner Anna Soubry has called on all parties involved in the EU referendum debate to stop all personal attacks.

“There has been too much in the way of personal insults,” said Ms Soubry, appearing on BBC Breakfast this morning.

“And I must say, that they seem to come mainly from the Brexiteers, the silly shits.

“What the fatuous, git-faced nobnecks in the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign need to realise is that their relentless insults and name-calling is a huge turn-off to the electorate, as are their faces which, to a man, resemble smashed up gargoyles that have been home to pigeons with diarrhoea.”

With a month to go until the referendum, Ms Soubry hoped for a higher standard of debate to come.

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“Honestly, it’s like trying to have a conversation with children, and fuck-ugly ones at that. Insult, insult, insult.

“They make the people who comment on Facebook stories look intelligent, well-reasoned, and attractive.

“All we hear from their ghastly, malformed maws is constant unbelievable, hyperbolic nonsense about Britain ceding all power to Brussels when we’ve got very real concerns that if we vote to leave Europe, then Great Britain could come untethered from the continent and just float around the world forever more.”

She issued one final plea for decency.

“Brexiteers; end the personal attacks now.

“You smelly, arse-faced, bog-breathed, pus-filled globes of catastrophic shit.”