NRA seeks to prevent further Zoo tragedies with call to arm Gorillas

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The National Rifle Association has today insisted the tragic death of Harambe the seventeen-year-old Gorilla could have been avoided had Harambe been allowed to exercise his second amendment rights.

NRA spokesperson Wayne Lapierre said the only way to avoid tragic shootings inside Zoos is to make sure there are more guns available to those involved.

He told reporters, “If someone is pointing a rifle at you, even though you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, then you should be able to defend yourself.

“I guarantee that poor gorilla would still be here today if he had been carrying a side-arm, or kept a rifle of his own within reach.

“Anyone would think twice about opening fire on a Gorilla if you thought it might shoot back.”

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“Of course, in Cincinnati, you need a permit to conceal a side-arm, and who is going to give a permit to a gorilla – even though it’s his constitutional right. It’s time to hold President Obama accountable.”

Others have been quick to criticise the authorities who were extremely keen to discharge their weapons during the incident.

As one anti-violence campaigner told us, “This is yet another tragic teenager shot by the authorities for no good reason, when will this cycle of violence end?

“Hashtag GorillaLivesMatter.”