Humanitarian concern as people traffickers found to be using Ryanair

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Aid agencies are deeply worried about the wellbeing of refugees after human traffickers have begun using budget airlines to move them.

Sara Pahor, an aid co-ordinator for the UN, told reporters, “In an attempt to circumvent the authorities and cut costs, traffickers are using no-frills airlines such as Ryanair to transport them.

“These desperate migrants must endure inhumane and squalid conditions with inadequate leg room for many, many hours.

“This group of Libyans is severely malnourished, dehydrated and has been left dangerously confused by the luggage tariff system.

“Many have endured half a day being sat next to a stag party coming back from Corfu.

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“And because they were using Ryanair, they still had a three hour onwards journey even after they thought they’d arrived at their planned destination.”

The efforts of several humanitarian organisations and the navies of a number of European countries have been largely successful in intercepting and protecting the lives of refugees and migrants as they make dangerous boat crossings into western Europe.

This, of course, has forced smuggling gangs to use ever more desperate means of transport.

Faisal, a refugee from Syria, told us, “Even after paying for the crossing, the criminal bosses demanded huge bribes.

“I had to pay extra because I didn’t check in online, and also because I was unable to fit all my worldly possessions into a bag of sixty cubic centimetres or less, weighing not more than 35 kilos.

“I also had to pay 60 euros for a taxi to take me from our airport to the city centre.

“I’ll tell my brother to reconsider the P&O Ferries.”