Jeremy Corbyn unmasked as HYDRA agent

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Plucky, loveable hero Jeremy Corbyn is actually an agent of supranational comic book terror organisation HYDRA, according to a shock revelation today.

Corbyn, who has been revered by fans for years for standing up for truth, justice, and other things which can’t be covered by the phrase ‘the American way’, was unmasked as a member of HYDRA in the latest issue of popular Comic-book The Daily Mail.

HYDRA is perhaps best known for planning the overthrow of democratic government through a process of infiltration and intimidation, and opponents of Corbyn point out that’s pretty much a point by point description of the Momentum group.

The revelation has caused shock and disbelief amongst devotees.

“The Red Skull is actually Tony Blair,” said comic and Corbyn fan Simon Williams.

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“And I’m pretty sure that Baron von Strucker is Donald Trump. It’s a completely unbelievable change of character for Captain Corbyn to be working with them.

“It must be a ruse to lull them into a false sense of security before destroying them from within, like he did in the 80s when he spent all those years hanging out with the IRA.”

Sources close to Corbyn denied links to the terror group, insisting he’d spent his holiday in Malta and not on Hydra Island as reported.

“It’s ridiculous that Corbyn could be involved in something like this; he’s battled HYDRA for years with his billionaire industrialist chum Tony Stark.

“Hail Momentum. Oops, damn.”

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