Hitting women OK if you can do a convincing pirate, insist Twitter fans

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A large number of Twitter users have urged fans to weigh up Johnny Depp’s alleged domestic abuse against the fact that he can do a really good pirate.

After a judge had granted Depp’s wife, Amber Heard, a restraining order based on the evidence placed before him, fans of Depp have insisted the judge was a little hasty.

Twitter user Deppismyman wrote, “Sure, hitting women isn’t great, but you didn’t see it actually happen yourself, did you, and also Johny was absolutely amazing in Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Remember, she could easily have punched herself in the face to get those bruises, and have you seen him in Donnie Brasco? The cheekbones on the man, breathtaking.

“At the end of the day, if you’re going to have a phone thrown at your face by anyone, who better to throw it than Edward Scissorhands himself?”

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However, most movie fans have said the restraining order does not go far enough, considering Depp’s crimes.

Cinema regular Simon Williams told us, “Look; the man made The Tourist, Mordecai and The Lone Ranger; you can’t lock him up for long enough as far as I’m concerned.”