Donald Trump proves the only thing smaller than his hands are his balls

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Republican presumptive nominee for the president, Donald Trump, has today proved the only thing smaller than his hands are his balls after chickening out of a debate with Democrat Bernie Sanders.

Trump made the offer of a debate earlier this week, but has withdrawn on the advice of doctors who said his teeny weeny testicles were simply not up to the job.

Trump wrote on Twitter, “I love debates, I have the best debates, I’m just so sick of winning debates which is why I’m not having this debate.

“People are saying it’s because of my tiny gonads, but that is a completely different issue. In the world of really small balls, I definitely have the best balls.

“Anyway, when I hold them in my hands my testicles actually look pretty average-sized.”

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Twitter user Chuck Williams told us, “Look, Donald has changed his mind three times on this already. You know what they say, if you don’t like Donald Trump’s position on something, just wait until tomorrow, because you might like his next position on it.”

“This is a great opportunity for Donald Trump to raise awareness of micro-bollocks as a condition and to show that even someone with unfeasibly small testicles can try to be president.

“Hopefully, he won’t be defined by his really tiny balls, but we shall see.”