Dictionary to redefine ‘debate’ as ‘two unpleasant men shouting ‘immigrants’ at each other’

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The Oxford English Dictionary has announced that following the level of discourse surrounding the EU referendum the definition of ‘debate’ will be changed.

The current definition – ‘A formal discussion on a particular matter in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward and which usually ends with a vote’ – is now considered obsolete in the wake of the first month of the EU referendum campaigns.

“Well, we have to move with the times,” said a spokesman for the OED

“The current definition implies a constructive argument based on a combination of facts and ideas, but as the ‘debate’ on the EU referendum has largely just been unpleasant men shouting at each other about immigration, the OED will be altered to reflect what people now clearly think of as ‘debate’.”

“We may also add a sub-note about profound racism as well.

The Remain campaign has taken issue with the new definition, however.

“Codswallop,” said David Cameron.

“You cannot reduce the EU debate to two unpleasant men simply shouting the word ‘immigrants’ at each other.

“The ‘Stronger in Europe’ campaign shout the word ‘economy’ just as much, if not more.”

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