Internet trolls excited by prospect of larger Twitter character count

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Twitter has announced that mentions and pictures will no longer count towards your 140 character limit, giving trolls everywhere a greater canvas on which to spread their messages of joy.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey announced the change, saying he hoped it would allow people to express themselves better on the platform.

Troll Simon Williams told us, “I think it’s great – if I run a Twitter poll asking people what sort of twat you are, I won’t lose valuable characters that I can use to describe how pathetic you are at the same time.

“Plus I can photoshop you onto a pornstar, and still have 140 characters to eloquently describe what I’d do to you if I wasn’t a shy, bedroom-dwelling virgin in real-life.”

Critics have said that maybe has Twitter has bigger issues to address than adding more characters, however, Williams insisted it was clear they had their priorities in order.

He continued, “I’ll be honest, when Jack Dorsey said he was going to ‘fix Twitter’ I began to worry that he’d implement something that would curtail my trolling ways, so finding out he’s actually giving us extra characters with which to abuse people is a pleasant surprise.

“Yeah, I think he’s doing an excellent job. But it won’t stop me tweeting him to say he should definitely kill himself, obviously.”