Thursday 26 May 2016 By Neil Tollfree

Barack Obama ‘just f*cking around now’

Barack Obama just fucking about now

After footage was released of the leader of the free world beat-boxing with a Vietnamese rapper, it became clear that Barack Obama has entered the stage of the Presidency known as ‘just fucking around’.

“Yeah, the President? He doesn’t give a shit anymore,” said constitutional expert Simon Williams.

“We see it with all Presidents after eight years; they just begin fucking around, Ronald Reagan famously spent three months watching soaps and firing guns at the characters he didn’t like.

“Jimmy Carter built a life-size replica of a nuclear submarine outside the Oval Office, and Bill Clinton just screwed his way through the West Wing staff.

“George W Bush was an interesting example as rather than entering the ‘just fucking around stage,’ he used those latter months of his presidency to learn to read to a fifth-grade level.”

The first clear signs that Mr Obama was ‘just fucking around’ came with the videos he made with the British Royal family for the Invictus games, and have been confirmed by the beat-boxing incident and seemingly having the time for actual conversations with Vice President Joe Biden.

It is expected that barring Presidential crisis; Mr Obama will continue to spend his time ‘just fucking around’ until the election, with an appearance on SNL a racing certainty, probably as a hilarious ageing eighties hip-hop star.

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