Woman refusing to believe LSE post-Brexit economic forecast thinks Eastenders is ‘real’

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A woman who flatly refuses to believe the post-Brexit economic forecast from the London School of Economics happens to believe everything that happens in Albert Square.

Sharon Williams has been posting to social media to cry foul over the repeated economic forecasts from various financial and academic institutions which all show that the economy would suffer if we left the EU, despite twice failing her GCSE Maths exam.

“The London School of Economics knows nothing, they’re not living in the real world,” she wrote on Facebook.

“And the Institute of Fiscal Studies don’t know what they’re talking about, they’re just pro-EU shills. I’m voting to leave because I’m pretty sure that’s what Mick Carter would do, and I suggest you do the same.

We spoke to Williams, giving her the chance to clarify her position, she told us, “What, who is Danny Dyer? Is he another of those useless celebs the Remain side rolled out last week? Ignore him, he knows nothing.

“Not like wise old Peggy Mitchell – God bless her – you know she would have voted to leave if she hadn’t been forced to take her own life because the NHS is underfunded due to the EU taking all of our money.

“Yes it is, shut up!”

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