Euro 2016 alcohol ban risks fans ‘remembering things’

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A ban on alcohol for 24 hours around England’s group match against Wales at Euro 2016 could lead to fans remembering the experience, experts have warned.

England and Wales fans will not be allowed to drink alcohol on the streets of Lens before and after their Euro 2016 match because of a 24-hour alcohol ban, ensuring many football fans will have perfect recall of their entire time in the city.

Officials hope the ban will force many fans to question their life choices.

As one Euro 2016 official explained, “Jumping up and down singing juvenile songs in a £90 replica shirt worn by an athlete much younger than you might seem like a good idea after eight pints of continental lager.

“But I assure you, doing it sober is a very different proposition. You will be forced to reevaluate everything you thought you held dear; all while the memory of sitting there, sober, will be as crisp as any memory you currently hold.

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Fan Simon Williams told us, “Watching football without alcohol is like going to the pub to watch football, without alcohol. It just doesn’t make any sense.

“I’m sure if I just drink twice as much the day before everything will be fine.”