Countrywide joy as Wednesday afternoon finally arrives

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There were celebrations up and down the country as the week’s halfway milestone was finally reached, ushering in the second and final part of the working week.

The week, which began in earnest on Monday, has caused widespread controversy by dragging appallingly during the late-morning to early-afternoon period on Tuesday.

This dragging effect has caused many to seriously think that Tuesday afternoon was actually Wednesday afternoon or, in some extreme cases, Thursday afternoon, which in turn gave rise to widespread disappointment and frustration with the realisation that it was still only Tuesday.

“It’s great news,” said Simon Williams, a clock watcher from Basingstoke.

“I mean, there were points yesterday where I seriously never thought it would ever stop being Tuesday, so for it to finally not only be Wednesday but actually be Wednesday afternoon – well, it’s just a tremendous relief.”

There were concerns that the week was having further problems at around 9 o’clock on Wednesday morning, when for a good 20 minutes or so time just seemed to stand still but before long it was 10 o’clock, and everything continued on as normal.

It is expected that, having finally reached Wednesday lunchtime, the week will continue on and, barring any unforeseen anomalous behaviour, conclude as expected sometime on Friday evening.