Warning that Brexit would leave Manchester United with no fans in the UK

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Britain leaving the European Union risks Manchester United being left with no fans living in the UK, according to a stark warning this morning.

In statement the Football Association suggested that whilst United have enjoyed stunning levels of success, nobody who was born within a thousand miles of Old Trafford would give them the time of day.

In response to the news, fans of many other clubs have announced they’ve changed their intentions and will now be voting leave.

The FA went on to point out that without trade deals with Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas Manchester United wouldn’t have any players either, although that would be less of a problem as nor would anyone else.

However, pro-leave campaigners have dismissed the warning, insisting that growth in Manchester United’s fan base would remain strong in parts of the world where they don’t have televisions or have never watched a football game in their lives.

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“Obviously this is a concern,” new manager Jose Mourinho told us.

“Without either players or fans we might struggle next season, although we’d probably still beat Aston Villa.”

In other news, 19 other members of the Premiership are understood to have expressed an opinion on the EU, but nobody reported their story.