NHS doctor who joined ISIS lured by promise of ‘better working conditions’

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An NHS Doctor who joined Islamic State is understood to have been attracted by the promise of improved terms and conditions and the prospect of having the occasional weekend off.

Leaked documents reveal that 37-year old Issam Abuanza left his home in Sheffield in 2014 after his handlers told him that joining Islamic State was his best chance to work to more sociable hours and escape the tyranny of Jeremy Hunt.

“Abuanza is the first practising NHS doctor to leave the UK and take a position with so-called Islamic State,” said security expert Johnathan Harrington.

“The concern now is that other health professionals will be lured by the promise of shorter days, vastly improved rates overtime and very little paperwork indeed.

“Many doctors are now so tired and stressed that they are seriously asking themselves whether it is better to work under an unforgiving authoritarian regime constantly surrounded by death and despair, or to go to Syria to join Islamic State.”

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has condemned the actions of the Abuanza.

“This betrayal is unacceptable,” explained Hunt, “and I want every Doctor to know that if you leave the NHS to join so-called Islamic State, or any other terror organisation, then there is no way back.

“Unless of course you’re willing to work regular Sunday shifts in which case we’ll see what we can do.”