Leading Brexit campaigners insist Turkish football team ‘just the start’

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Eleven marauding Turkish footballers invaded Manchester yesterday but are just the tip of the filthy migrant iceberg, according to Brexiteers today.

As the cheeky Turks dared to score a goal on the City of Manchester Stadium turf, Britons were warned there’s fifty million just like them waiting on the metaphorical subs bench.

In a taste of things to come, the Turks waltzed through England’s defence flicking two fingers to hard working Brits like John Stones and Danny Rose.

If Turkey joins the EU, Brexit campaigners insist England’s hapless defenders will be more vulnerable to dark-skinned goals from set pieces.

“Outers” are furious that the Turkish team arrived at the stadium in a container lorry which used roads paid for by the British taxpayer.

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And no sooner had the Turks arrived than they turned their changing room into a stinking migrant ghetto.

Many fear the Turkish squad will simply ‘disappear’ after finding Immigration Control easier to outwit than Gary Cahill.

England managed to win the game 2-1 after the dismissal of Turkish captain, Zirkan Al Williams, who was found to be carrying a knife.

Leading Brexiteer, Boris Johnson said, “The only way to prevent these dastardly Turks claiming benefits is to have them rugby tackled by Chris Smalling.”

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