Holiday couple sectioned after praising Ryanair

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An Isle of Wight couple has been detained under The Mental Health Act after saying really nice things about Ryanair.

Simon and Sharon Williams were arrested by police at Birmingham Airport just minutes after their Magaluf bound flight had taken off.

The pilot was forced to return when the insane couple’s rantings were overheard by fellow passengers and triggered violence leaving two injured and several incontinent.

The fracas ensued when Simon Williams was overheard saying to his wife Sharon in a loud voice that “Ryanair were clearly the market leaders in both passenger comfort, on-board facilities and customer service.”

A nearby passenger described how there was a ‘stunned’ silence at first from fellow travellers, which soon became ‘nervous laughter’ as people hoped and prayed it was simply the man’s quirky sense of humour.

Their prayers went unanswered, however, as passengers then head Sharon reply that “You’re bloody right Simon! And not only that, they’re far too cheap! I would gladly sell a kidney to pay a bit extra for a service like this which really goes that extra mile for the customer.”

Police described how on hearing this, passengers became ‘fearful and enraged’ and squeezed themselves out of the overhead lockers and toilets to attack the couple.

It was only the presence of a psychiatrist on-board who diffused the situation by informing passengers the couple were clearly deranged and suffering from “being from The Isle of Wight”