Brexit would spark year of recession claims man who hasn’t got a forecast right in six years

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George Osborne has confidently predicted that Brexit will spark a year-long recession, ending a six-year run of getting his economic predictions completely wrong.

After releasing a study containing the prediction, Osborne explained that he’d looked at the numbers and was therefore 100% confident that a year of recession is the only possible outcome if we leave the EU.

He told reporters, “Remember how I said after that the 2010 election that the budget deficit would be gone by 2015? Well, this isn’t like that, because these numbers are much better.

“Yes, I know I borrowed more in those five years than every Labour government in history – combined – but this is different. I’m right this time.

“And remember how I’ve been relentlessly revising my growth forecasts downwards after my last few budgets? Well, this isn’t like that either, because the experts that helped me here are better than the experts who helped me with those predictions.

“Trust me, I’m a Chancellor.”

Voters have been left concerned by Osborne’s claims, with both sides now putting forward compelling arguments to cast your vote in their favour.

41-year-old Simon Williams told us, “Basically, I’ve got one side telling me that if we leave I’ll lose my house, and the other side saying that if we stay someone will murder me in my sleep – it’s becoming a  very tough choice, for sure.”

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