Staying in EU means more murderers, terrorists and kidnappers, claims side not using fear tactics

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A vote to remain in the EU will mean the UK is at the mercy of unlimited numbers of murderers, terrorists and kidnappers, according to the side that isn’t using fear tactics this morning.

Armed Forces Minister Penny Mordaunt told reporters that if you vote to stay in the EU then you will only have yourselves to blame when a migrant inevitably murders you and your family.

She explained, “If we vote to stay in, then just hours later our country will be flooded with Turkish murderers, Macedonian kidnappers, and Serbian terrorists. Is that what you want? Because that’s what will happen.

“This is not a ‘fear tactic’, quite the opposite. This is just me simply and clearly stating the facts.

“The real ‘fear tactics’ are when the Remain side talks about the effects of economic uncertainty just because we’ve not offered any firm indications of what will happen if we Leave.”

Voter Simon Williams told us he was absolutely against his family being kidnapped by an Albanian gang.

“I do not have the training of a Liam Neeson, so my family would be sold into sexual slavery before I even got a crime number.

“So please vote to leave to EU, my family’s lives depend on it.”

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