Scottish Cup Final hooliganism marred by footballing outbreak

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Reports are emerging of a football match breaking out during violence between a bunch of Scottish fans on another bunch of Scottish fans to decide which Scottish fans are the hardest.

The violence occurred between two groups of psychopathic Scots, each with a penchant for football teams separated by about fifty miles.

As one Scottish hooligan told us, “When those Scottish fans come up against us Scottish fans, we see it as taking them taking liberties.”

“So we rounded up those Scottish fans, and us Scottish fans gave those other Scottish fans a right good hiding.”

The violent confrontation was marred by a 3-2 victory for Hibernian against Rangers in an unprovoked football match which broke out in the midst of the savage fighting.

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As one witness explained, “It was disgusting, I could hardly see this one Scottish fan having his head repeatedly rammed into a plastic seat because of these blokes in bright coloured shirts kicking a ball backwards and forwards in front of me.

“My ticket put me almost 100 yards away from the real action, so all I could see were professional athletes men running around and the odd goal.

“If I wanted to see that sort of behaviour, I wouldn’t support Hibs, would I?”

Organisers of both ‘firms’ have been quick to denounce the behaviour of Hibernian and Rangers football clubs.

As one explained, “How are we supposed to finally decide which is the hardest set of fans if they insist on playing football right in the middle of our fights?

“Is it any wonder attendances are down and proper Scottish hooligans are falling out of love with the game when their clubs behave like this?”

Both firms have claimed victory, and the fight is due to go to a replay at the earliest possible opportunity.