Entire country voting to Leave EU, reveals new UKIP poll

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A poll conducted by UKIP supporter 53-Year-old Miriam Knox from Stroud has revealed that everyone she talks to is voting to leave the EU.

Mrs Knox, who published the poll on Facebook, said her survey showed that Vote Leave is on course to pick up 100% of the vote in next month’s referendum.

“Absolutely everyone says they’re voting to leave the EU,” she revealed.

“My entire family, people I speak to at bus stops, comedians from the 1970s, former Saturday Superstore presenters, everyone!”

The news that their support has dwindled down to zero has come as a major blow to the Remain campaign, who had previously made the mistake of looking at polls conducted by leading survey companies.

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Mrs Knox received strong backing for her findings, gaining ‘likes’ from Sheila at the post office, her husband and David Coburn MEP.

Commenting on the poll, Sheila at the post office, said: “You’re absolutely right, Miriam. Ever since I started stocking copies of the Guardian in bear traps, all the people who come into my shop tell me they’re voting to leave to EU.”

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall said that the poll highlights that UKIP are definitely winning the argument.

“It’s impossible to stand at a bus stop these days without entering into a discussion about immigration, the EU and how right about everything UKIP is,” he said.

“The fact that everyone Miriam speaks to intends to vote to Leave the EU just proves the strength of feeling amongst people on the number 46 bus between Stroud and Brockworth.”

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