Vote Leave publish letter of support from Roy Chubby Brown

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The Vote Leave campaign have published a letter of support from celebrity comedian, Roy Chubby Brown.

After 300 actors, comedians, musicians and artists had signed a letter backing the campaign to remain in the EU, Vote Leave met the challenge head on with a letter of their own.

Brown, 71, wrote that “Britain is full to the brim, we have no room left and all immigrants smell and have funny names – ha! Isn’t that funny?

“We must vote to leave the EU to stop asylum seekers with 15 kids stealing all our dole money.

“And did I mention they smell and wear funny clothes and have weird names I can’t produce? Well, they do – hilarious isn’t it!

“I urge all my loyal fans to vote to leave the EU so we can get back to good old fashioned jokes about the mother-in-law and the smelly bloke in the Paki shop.”

Vote Leave campaigner Simon Williams said the letter proved that opinions on the referendum inside the creative industry are ‘mixed’.

He concluded, “I mean, yes, so far it’s only Chubby’s letter we’ve chosen to publish, but that’s because he’s the most moderate voice we’ve found so far.”

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