NHS under threat if people don’t stop getting sick, claims Michael Gove

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The only way to ensure the NHS survives is by ensuring it has to deal with fewer sick people, according to Justice Secretary Michael Gove today.

Speaking on behalf of Vote Leave, Gove said that by 2030 the number of sick people will be so big that the NHS might collapse completely.

He told reporters, “If we stay in the EU, by the year 2030 we could have up to five million more people living here paying taxes and contributing to our society – but they might also get sick!

“Obviously, one way to help the NHS cope with all these extra sick people is to take the taxes these extra people pay and to fund the NHS adequately – but we’re not going to do that, oh no.

“What we’re going to do is let the NHS wither and die through underfunding, right until you’re all blaming the immigrants for absolutely everything.

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“Then we’ll privatise it all and sit back and admire our handiwork. Ta da!

“So remember, vote to Leave on June 23rd.”

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