Labour MP criticised for calling racist a racist

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Labour’s shadow Europe minister Pat Glass found herself at the centre of a storm of criticism after being captured on a recording referring to a horrible racist she had just met as ‘a horrible racist’.

Ms Glass immediately apologised, telling reporters via a written statement, “I would like to extend my apologies to the racist in question.

“For referring to him as a racist.”

The racist had spoken to her about to a Polish family in the area who he believed were living on benefits, describing them as ‘spongers’.

This is not the first time a Labour MP has faced criticism for calling bigots, xenophobes, or racists bigots, xenophobes or racists.

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In April 2010, then PM Gordon Brown apologised after being recorded describing a 65-year-old bigoted woman as a ‘bigoted woman’.

Stephen Wolfe, UKIP’s migration spokesman, was disappointed with Ms Glass’s comments.

“This is typical of the contempt that Labour shows towards ordinary racists in this country, and we would urge all racists that the time has come to switch from Labour to a party that shares your concerns about the blacks, the Poles, and the scary, scary Muslims.”

The Labour leadership were quick to deny that they had a problem with racists.

“Of course not,” said a spokesperson.

“After all, we had Ken Livingstone as a member for years.”