Forum debate on EU ends amicably with both parties agreeing to disagree

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An online forum discussion amongst two strangers regarding the EU referendum has ended amicably with both parties agreeing that they had learnt something about the opposing arguments and whilst they had merit, they would agree to disagree.

“A forum debate on the merits of the EU?” said Brexiter and all round reasonable man, Simon Williams, “It was a fascinating and illuminating experience.

“I’ll be honest, I’d never considered Barry’s contention that remaining in the EU doesn’t have to lead to subjugation and a loss of sovereignty, but can be a partnership on which to build a national strength and individuality.”

Open-minded Remain supporter, Barry Rumbold, agreed, “Certainly the size and expansionist policies of the EU that worry Simon gives me pause for thought and whilst not convincing me that leaving is a viable option, I can’t condemn anyone for holding that view.”

Mr Rumbold went on to reflect on the nature of the debate as a whole, “All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and I think that if I ever met Simon, I’d probably enjoy a nice pint with him.

“Unless he thinks that we should withdraw from the EU Court of Human Rights, in which case he’s a c*nt and I hope he dies of a terrible wasting disease.”