London is amazing, insist the five million Londoners desperate to leave

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London is definitely the place to be, according to the estimated 5 million Londoners desperate to move outside the capital.

After a new survey found that two-thirds of London residents want to live outside the city to improve their standard of living, those same residents insisted that London is still definitely the best place to live.

Hackney resident Simon Williams told us, “I love living in London. Everything is right on your doorstep, there’s always something to do and it’s alive 24×7 – but if you happen to know of a two-bed semi with even the tiniest patch of grass about thirty miles outside the M25 will you let me know?”

Many others have said that despite the extortionate costs, life in London represents the peak of human existence and that nothing can compare to it once you’ve lived there.

Williams went on, “Frankly I don’t know why more people from around the UK don’t want to come and live in London, it just makes perfect sense if you don’t live in London that you would want to actually live in London.

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“I mean, sure, two grand a month for a one-room flat that includes kitchen, living room and bedroom within the same four walls might seem a bit steep for some, but that’s because you’ve never really experienced London.

“Well I have, I have experienced it, all of it, and now I need to stop experiencing it. Like, yesterday. So will someone please take on my lease and let me leave?

“Please help me. Please.”