Game of Thrones: Woman takes clothes off

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The hugely popular Game of Thrones is loved for unpredictable plotlines and surprising twists, but even the most devoted fan would have been left reeling by an audacious turn of events in Monday night’s episode.

A woman took all her clothes off.

“I was all like ‘What the hell’?” said Game of Thrones superfan Simon Williams.

“I mean, Daenerys just took her clothes all off, and I mean all off. It blew my mind, I mean this is just the most insane thing they’ve ever done.”

The episode saw Queen of Egypt Daenerys Skywalker captured by the half man, half horse Minotaurs and, in a spectacularly bold plot move, take all her clothes off in order to burn them all in the fires of Mount Doom.

The actress playing Ms Skywalker was contractually obliged to say that she found taking all her clothes off to be ‘empowering.’

Famously, series 6 of the show is the first series not to be based on the plots of George R. R. Martin and, as Monday’s episode showed, anything could happen.

“Yeah, I mean, all bets are off,” said Mr Williams.

“If a woman can take her clothes off then who knows what could happen next. It’s off the scale.

“Hope it’s not a man taking his clothes off, though, that would be gay.”