Daniel Craig to star as the next Ben Fogle

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Rumours from Cannes suggest former James Bond, Daniel Craig, is lined up to play the next Ben Fogle.

Craig freely admits that he became jaded as Bond, but says he’s chomping at the bit to play the plummy-accented star of programmes mostly about the countryside.

The door is wide open for the Hoylake-born star after Tom Huddlestone pulled out of the list of posh actors with dirty blond hair.

Craig said, “Fogle’s character has such hidden depths and I’ve been reading about his exploits at Portsmouth Poly during the early nineties just to try and get inside his head.

“Fogle had lived a wildly exciting life and whatever shit went down there, you can bet it was multi-layered.”

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Meanwhile, Tom Huddlestone said, “Playing an adventurer like Fogle asks a lot of you as an actor – that’s why Roger Moore made such a shit Fogle.

“I had to turn the script down as it took me to some pretty dark places, like Antarctica.”

Film critic Mark Kermode said, “I absolutely loved The Man with the Golden Hair, almost as much as The Living Highlights so I can’t wait to see Daniel Craig in Dye Another Day.”

He added, “Until you’ve played Fogle, you ain’t shit.”