Barbara Windsor quits Eastenders to focus on training for Carry On reboot

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Barbara Windsor is to quit Eastenders and focus on a ‘punishing’ gym regime to prepare for the Carry On reboot.

The 78-year old actress says she wants to be in the ‘best shape of her life’ for her return to the film series and has already begun training in parkour, weights and MMA.

Windsor is understood to be hitting the gym six days a week and eating nothing but broccoli and steamed lean chicken as she gets ready.

Producers are reported to be planning a scene where Windsor’s bra comes off and flies ’40-60 feet’ through the air, a feat which will require substantial upper body strength during a hilarious bikini-exercising sequence.

However, suggestions that Windsor is taking large doses of Human Growth Hormone have been denied, despite Sylvester Stallone having been seen visiting the studio as a ‘training consultant’.

“Babs is a trooper, no denying it”, said Carry On insider Simon Williams.

“She’s up at the crack – oo-er! – every day, pumping hard – wahey! – , working the bag – woof! – and getting all the red meat inside her – phwoarr – that she can.

“Of course, the films will be shit, but what do you expect? She’s the only one here who isn’t here just for the money.”