You’ll vote again and again until you give the right answer, promise UKIP

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The British people should vote in referendum after referendum until they get give the right answer, according to the UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

The pledge was made during Farage’s interview with the BBC this morning, where it was met by what might have sounded like enthusiastic cheering if that’s what you’d already decided you were going to hear.

Farage confirmed that they would push to hold referenda as often as it takes to get the answer he wants, after which point the subject would be dropped and never mentioned again.

Voter reaction has so been mixed, though the Daily Express have hailed the promise as yet more evidence of the ‘common sense thinking this country really needs’.

However, many ordinary voters seemed keen on the proposal for endless referenda until UKIP get the result they want.

“This referendum campaign has been a really positive social experience”, said Simon Williams of Basingstoke.

“My neighbours hate me, my wife won’t talk to me, and I received extensive personal abuse from strangers on the Internet.

“Why would I not want to go through all that again right away? Bring it on.”

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