Penis transplant voucher ‘not an appropriate gift’

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Husbands everywhere are already receiving vouchers for wang replacements.

With the advent of the USA’s first successful penis transplant, women across Britain have taken the initiative and given their husbands a hint with all the subtlety of a sawn-off shotgun.

“Granted, it’s a change from the usual sweater,” said a perplexed Simon Williams,

“But I just think there are more sensitive ways to broach the subject rather than a voucher inside a somewhat flippant anniversary card.

“I kind of thought she was happy with my member as is, but then I also thought our anniversary was in November, so I might not be the most reliable spokesperson for our marriage.”

Simon’s wife said, “It’s obviously his choice, just as running off with the postman might well turn out to be my choice.

“He should be grateful really; my brother got two for his birthday, one from his wife and one from her mother, which was awkward.”