Amateur cooks forced to choose from 252 million other Internet recipes

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Britain stands on the brink of revolution today after millions of kitchen novices were forced to choose from just 252 million recipes available on the Internet.

Following the announcement that 11,000 food recipes will be removed from the BBC Food website, amateur cooks were forced to wonder if there might be somewhere else on the Internet that could help them.

The move is part of plans to save £15 million as the war between the broadcaster and the government rages on in the wake of the publication of last week’s white paper, and it has proven to be a hugely unpopular decision for many thousands of people.

Keen foodie Bianca Mitchell said: “Although I resent having to pay the license fee and bemoan it regularly, at the same time I want a vast catalogue of material completely free of charge from a reputable source – and the BBC is truly a Great British institution in that respect.

“Frankly, having to scroll beyond the first Google search result is placing a huge burden on the British people.”

While it has been claimed that it is part of a strategic move “to be high quality, distinctive, and offer genuine public value”, many are blaming the Tory government for launching the latest in a series of ideological attacks on the corporation, as part of a long-term strategy to break it up.

“It’s fine by me if they attack the poor and disabled with their cuts,” said Ben Morley, a regular user of the BBC Food website.

“But if this government thinks I’m going to put up with having to change my bookmark for a BBC cottage pie recipe to one from that smug prick Jamie Oliver, they’ve got another think coming.”