Louis Van Gaal revealed as fake manager left behind by mistake

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There were red faces at the home of the Red Devils last night as it was revealed that Louis Van Gaal was a fake ‘training’ manager who was accidentally left behind after an exercise.

“It’s pretty embarrassing,” said a Manchester United insider yesterday.

“We were running a training exercise to try to identify any ways in which we weren’t financially exploiting fans of the club.

“We needed someone to pretend to be a manager while the exercise was taking place so we got this funny looking Dutch man in to stand on the touchline and pretend to look like he was in charge.”

It appears that confusion between the club owners and the exercise organisers resulted in no one giving Mr Van Gaal his £50 and lunch money for taking part and asking him to leave and he has remained on the touchline ever since.

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It is understood that club officials are considering the best way to remove the fake manager.

A controlled explosion has already been ruled out.

The club is now investigating if there have been any fake players left behind by mistake as there’s got to be some sort of explanation for Marouane Fellaini.