If we leave EU I’d have no choice but to screw the poor even harder, admits Cameron

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Leaving the EU would hit the poor hardest according to the Prime Minister, who admitted that post-Brexit he would be left with no choice but to make their lives even more miserable.

Cameron said that the poor would be hit the hardest if we leave the EU, and he knows this because he’d be the one throwing the punches.

Writing in the Daily Mirror, the Prime Minister said, “The EU is just about the only thing preventing me bringing back workhouses.

“If you think it’s shit being poor now, you just wait until I’m no longer constrained by EU laws on things like working hours, parental leave, rights for part-time workers and so on.

“I want you to stop me. Consider this like a cry for help from someone who doesn’t want to have to hurt you. Seriously. You have to stop me.

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“Vote to leave the EU and I will not rest until I’ve ground every single one of you down into the dirt.

“Which is where you’ll be living by the way.”

Poor person Simon Williams told us, “I get that David Cameron is telling me he’s going to make my life miserable and that poor people – like me – will be hit the hardest if we leave the EU.

“But on the flipside, it’s like Nigel Farage keeps telling us; bloody immigrants, innit.”