Gobshite with ambition for power ‘a bit like Hitler’

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A fat man with a gift for oratory has been compared to Hitler this morning.

After Boris Johnson made a speech likening the EU to Hitler, clever people said that was the sort of thing Hitler would do.

Since leaving Eton, the wannabe Prime Minister’s political ambitions have been constantly thwarted by the fact that he appears to be descended from a chubby Nordic master race.

And like Hitler, the stubborn right-winger has never attended a book-signing by Jewish author and comic, David Baddiel.

On yesterday’s Andrew Marr show, the former London Mayor blushed when asked whether he plans to seize power by setting fire to parliament and blaming it on communists.

Political analyst, Simon Williams, said, “Johnson’s considerable support for the Jubilee Line extension sprang from a deep desire to see the trains running on time.

“Remind you of anyone?”

Last night, the corpulent Tory air-bag hit back at suggestions that he rides his bike like a vegetarian.

Williams added, “When comparing stuff to Hitler, try not to make a long-winded speech every day blaming foreigners for all of your problems.”