Monday 16 May 2016 by Lucas Wilde

Freddos are most reliable inflation warning

Freddo prices dictate inflation

Freddo bars are the most reliable measure of dangerous inflation.

The tiny chocolate bar you were disappointed to receive as a ten-year-old but look back on with fondness now has crept up from 10p to 50p in just 15 years.

“That’s five times as much,” confirmed mathematician, Simon Williams.

“And everyone always notices when Freddos get more expensive. Always.

“Nobody really notices housing prices because most people can’t afford a house and the kind of people who talk about housing prices on the telly aren’t really watchable.

“But everyone loves a Freddo- or at the very least they’re pretty sure there was a time when they sort of did.”

Elizabeth King once had a Freddo when she was nine and said, “Freddos are the best chocolate bar ever.”

“They definitely are. I’ve always loved them. You used to be able to get them for 10p, but now they’re like a quid or something.

“That’s inflation, that is.”

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