Donald Trump challenged to release his long-form IQ test certificate

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Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been challenged to release his IQ certification after sceptics claimed he is actually a borderline simpleton.

Trump had said that new London mayor Sadiq Khan should take an IQ test, leading to many to question his own intelligence quotient.

Political commentator Chuck Williams told us, “Not everyone can be President of the United States, and sure, Donald Trump can stand up there using his words, using some of his best words, but is he really qualified for the White House?”

“We’ve let morons be the leader of the free world before, and it never works out all that well, so we just want proof that Donald Trump is of above average intelligence.

“He doesn’t even need to be the most intelligent person in the room, let’s just say he needs to be in the top 20% in the United States.”

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“I think if there are 60 million people more intelligent than you in a country you want to lead, then you shouldn’t be allowed to be their leader.”

Trump himself has said he has no need to take an IQ test because he bought a certificate years ago from Trump University.

He said, “I’m a very smart person. I’m, like, the smartest person you know.

“And it must be true because all the people I employ keep telling me that I am the smartest person they know, and they have no reason to lie to me.”

“You have to be incredibly smart to inherit a billion dollars, nearly lose it all, and then make an overall rate of return well below the market rate over a forty-year period; all whilst convincing people you’re a business genius.

“It’s not as easy as I make it look.”

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