Chris Evans demands that everyone stops calling new Amazon show “The New Top Gear”

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With not long to go before the new Top Gear airs on Amazon Prime, Chris Evans has demanded everyone stop calling it “The new Top Gear.”

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Evans made his feelings clear about the new Top Gear.

“Look,” he insisted, referring to the new Top Gear. “It’s not even going to be called the New Top Gear!”

And Evans was dismissive about the new Top Gear credentials. “So they’ve got May, they’ve got Hammond, and, yeah, him, that third bloke, and they’ve got most of the old Top Gear production team, and cars and joke and stunts and stuff, but that’s it,” he said, as he tried to play down the growing excitement surrounding the new Top Gear.

By comparison, Evans spoke enthusiastically about a new BBC motoring show in which he will appear, which is due to air at some point.

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“We’ve got me, plus an exciting lineup of other stars, plus myself, the Top Gear theme tune, me, and of course the authentic Top Gear logo. And me, of course.”

Reports from the BBC show suggest that anyone caught calling the new Top Gear ‘The New Top Gear’ is being punched in the face by Evans.

Top Gear fan Simon Williams said he was looking forward to the new Top Gear.

“I’ve joined Amazon Prime especially,” he said excitedly.

When we mentioned Chris Evans, Williams looked blank, then nonplussed.

“Is Captain America going to be on it then? Cool. I hope he hits Richard Hammond with his shield.”