Corruption summit organised in fight against ‘admin errors’

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After fraud investigations were launched into Tory election spending, a new corruption summit is being organised in the fight against ‘admin errors’ and ‘minor boo-boos’.

The Conservative party’s 2015 general election campaign spending is being investigated by several police forces after a Channel 4 News investigation uncovered several ‘regrettable oversights’.

A Conservative party spokesman dismissed the need for any investigation into the “trifling slip-up” or the need for a summit to tackle “lapses in concentration”.

“This was a mild miscue and we are confident that the electoral commission and the police will agree that omitting details of our campaign spending amounts to nothing more than a teensy-weensy inadvertence.

“To suggest we are guilty of fraud is an outrageous slur.

“Everyone knows that fraud is only committed by people on benefits and corruption only happens in poor countries.

“In the Conservative party, we have what’s known as slight miscalculations.”