Schoolchildren to take Monday off

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Schoolchildren across the country have said they might take a holiday on Monday, depending what the weather does over the weekend.

The move comes after the Hight Court ruled that there should be no fine for absenteeism during term time, as long as it’s to go on holiday.

11-year-old Simon Williams told us, “I like the idea of going to school being mandatory unless we feel like a holiday.

“Education is important, obviously, but so are days off and trips to the seaside and spending the day on my Xbox.

“So I’m delighted that the High Court has ruled in my favour and determined I can go in when I feel like it, consequence-free.”

Teachers have welcomed the ruling, as it brings ever closer the dream of them going to work and getting to stand in front of an empty classroom.

Elsewhere, thousands of children are currently practising their parent’s handwriting in order to create notes explaining how they are going to Eurodisney next week.