New Stone Roses track just 3 minutes of them arguing

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The new track from Manchester indie legends The Stone Roses – due to be released tonight – is just 3 minutes of them arguing with each other, it can be revealed.

The track, which will be the first new release from the band in over 20 years, begins with drummer Reni calling Ian Brown a “little c*nt” before a crescendo of expletives leads to a rousing chorus of aggressive shouting.

As the song heads towards a climactic finish, scuffling can be heard in the background.

“We’re really proud of this record,” said Brown “which we think captures the essence of the band in its purest form.”

Guitarist John Squire continued: “We obviously really fucking hate each other, that much is obvious, but we felt like that never really came across in our music.

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“People are still lapping up the old shit, but we felt that by putting out something new we could probably blag another massive tour off the back of it.”

The band’s legion of adoring fans has been eagerly anticipating new material from the band and this will be unlikely to disappoint with the Roses on top form.

Lifelong fan William Powell said of the news, “I am buzzing to hear this. I enjoy their music but I mainly go to their gigs just to see if they’re going to kick off with each other, and if this is true then I’ll be able to experience that from the comfort of my own home.”

The single will be available to buy on download and limited edition vinyl, each copy of which will feature a unique bloody finger smudge from one of the band.