New BBC3 base in shed at bottom of garden

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BBC3 is to get a new base of operations in a shed at the bottom of someone’s garden.

“It’s very exciting,” said BBC3 controller Eleanor Gay.

“The shed has a window, a bit of desk space – if we clear the tools out of the way of course, and if you open the door, it will pick up the wifi from the house, so that’s very exciting.

“Once we get the webcam set up, we’ll be able to make some fantastically challenging and innovative programmes, provided they’re set in a shed.”

However, shed owner Simon Williams was bemused.

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“Yeah, it was weird,” he said.

“I’d just got home from work and found that BBC3 were in my shed.

“I mean, you don’t expect that, do you? To have the branch of the BBC responsible for Gavin and Stacy and Being Human suddenly turn up in your shed.

“I just wished they’d asked.”

Ms Gay was optimistic for the future.

“The fact that we’ve been given this fantastic new base is a testament to the BBC’s commitment to youth programming.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go and set some traps for the rats.”