BBC must be more like organisations that didn’t report my relationship with a prostitute, claims Whittingdale

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The man in charge of the review of the BBC has said it must be more like the organisations that decided not to report on his relationship with a prostitute.

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, John Whittingdale, said that changes at the BBC are necessary and they could do a lot worse than look to Murdoch-owned Sky TV as an example of how to do things properly.

He told reporters, “The Murdoch companies are a shining example of what a modern media organisation should be.

“They make great programmes – apart from all the really rubbish ones – and they report the news that people really want to read – apart from all the things that are politically inconvenient for their friends.

“I think we’d all be a lot better of if the Murdoch media empire had a little more power, and the BBC was allowed to wither on the vine over the next few years – don’t you all agree?”

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Whittingdale then wheeled out consumer Simon Williams, who told us, “I’d be happy with the change, I give Sky TV about £800 a year and it’s great value for money. I mean, I get to watch that James Corden thing, those American things, some films that I saw at the cinema six months ago, and I watch at least one football match every other week. And each one is interrupted by adverts every few minutes, which I love, obviously.

“But what do I get from the BBC for my £145? Bugger all. Well, apart from an ad-free experience, and their news site, which I check daily. And the iPlayer. Oh and Radio 2, I like that. And Doctor Who and Sherlock, I like them. Oh, and Luther, and absolutely anything with David Attenborough.

“But apart from that? It’s rubbish and definitely needs reforming.”

Whittingdale concluded, “See, I told you, it’s what the people want.”