Thursday 12 May 2016

BBC must be more like organisations that didn’t report my relationship with a prostitute, claims Whittingdale

John Whittingdale on BBC

The man in charge of the review of the BBC has said it must be more like the organisations that decided not to report on his relationship with a prostitute.

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, John Whittingdale, said that changes at the BBC are necessary and they could do a lot worse than look to Murdoch-owned Sky TV as an example of how to do things properly.

He told reporters, “The Murdoch companies are a shining example of what a modern media organisation should be.

“They make great programmes – apart from all the really rubbish ones – and they report the news that people really want to read – apart from all the things that are politically inconvenient for their friends.

“I think we’d all be a lot better of if the Murdoch media empire had a little more power, and the BBC was allowed to wither on the vine over the next few years – don’t you all agree?”

Whittingdale then wheeled out consumer Simon Williams, who told us, “I’d be happy with the change, I give Sky TV about £800 a year and it’s great value for money. I mean, I get to watch that James Corden thing, those American things, some films that I saw at the cinema six months ago, and I watch at least one football match every other week. And each one is interrupted by adverts every few minutes, which I love, obviously.

“But what do I get from the BBC for my £145? Bugger all. Well, apart from an ad-free experience, and their news site, which I check daily. And the iPlayer. Oh and Radio 2, I like that. And Doctor Who and Sherlock, I like them. Oh, and Luther, and absolutely anything with David Attenborough.

“But apart from that? It’s rubbish and definitely needs reforming.”

Whittingdale concluded, “See, I told you, it’s what the people want.”

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