West Ham hooligans in emotional final attack on team visiting Boleyn ground

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West Ham hooligans have performed an emotional final attack on the last team to visit Upton Park.

As Manchester United’s team bus made its way to the Boleyn ground, fans enjoyed one last bout of hooliganism, by attacking it with bottles and other objects.

Fan Simon Williams told us, “I came to my first game in 1981, and random violence against opposition fans and teams has been a huge part of my life since then.

“We’ve fought with all the great sides in this magical place, and what better way to say goodbye than by breaking the windows of Manchester United’s bus?

“Honestly, it’s the sort of send-off any self-respecting hooligan would have dreamt of.

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“I’m looking forward to moving to the Olympic stadium, obviously, but I don’t see us getting the chance to smash a bottle of Becks inches from Wayne Rooney’s face when we’re there, do you?”

Other fans have claimed that a footballing outbreak just a short walk from the incident could mar the memory of such a magical night.

As one explained, “I can’t believe the team came from behind to win 3-2, it’s almost like the players wanted the story to be about the football rather than what this once-legendary firm achieved over the years.

“Selfish bastards.”

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