‘Some of my favourite restaurants are Chinese’ clarifies Queen

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The Queen has spoken out after she was filmed describing the Chinese as ‘rude’, explaining that she regularly enjoys a take away from her local Chinese restaurant.

The Queen explained that despite her position on their manners, she thought they were really quite terrific in the kitchen.

She told our royal correspondent, “I can only apologise if I have offended the Chinese, but I think that’s highly unlikely given the state of their manners. They probably don’t even have a word for ‘apologise’.

“All that said, the Hong Kong restaurant in Windsor is wonderful, their prawn balls are so light, but I find the Szechuan Chicken a little too spicy for my taste.

“Blossoms take away is a little far from the castle, and they don’t deliver, but we will send someone to fetch something on the odd occasion if we’re celebrating something.

“Overall I’d say I’m a chicken in black bean sauce sort of person, you can’t go wrong with that and an egg fried rice.

“Oh, and a bag of prawn crackers, obviously.”

Upon hearing the news, Prince Philip was quoted as saying, “That’s my girl.”